Jobs Chance

Elevator Engineer (Electrical and Mechanical Services)

(A) Responsibilities:

1, familiar with the elevator performance, structure and use of methods to ensure the normal operation of the elevator. 2, to complete the week, month, quarter and annual maintenance tasks, and check the quality of maintenance, after confirmation of record storage custody. In this case,

3, in a timely manner to deal with emergency shutdown failure, emergency response should be rushed to the scene after the emergency, in a timely manner to rule out elevator failure. In this case,

4, to actively participate in business learning and technical training to improve the technical level of business. In this case,

5, to complete the leadership to other tasks.

(B) the job requirements:

1, Education: College degree or above.

2, professional: elevator, machinery and related professional.

3, Age: 30-45 years old.

4, Title or professional qualification: elevator operation certificate, elevator technician grade card priority.

5, work experience: more than 10 years of work experience in elevator maintenance.

6, Have the ability: Have good communication skills, familiar with SCM technology, proficient in inverter control, a strong elevator expertise, familiar with Thyssen, Mitsubishi, Otis, Hitachi and other four brand elevator, with rapid judgment elevator cause Ability. Strong sense of responsibility, work carefully, active. Proficiency in office software, can quickly adapt to work, independent work.

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